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APTRA NCR ATM Operating software
ARIA Latest style pick module with belts instead of rollers to transport notes to the presenter.
ATM Automated Teller Machine, also known as a cash point, cash machine, hole in the wall machine.
ATMdesk A standalone quick booting diagnostic tool for NCR ATMs giving full access to error codes. TestLink is an approved supplier of ATMdesk.
ATMIA ATM Industry Association.
Ballast Power supply of fluorescent tubes.
BART Beeper Amplifier Reset and Tamper PCB used in Pivat cores.
BIOS Basic Input Output System. Instruction set programmed in chip on motherboard (with battery backup). Options such as system time and date can be changed here.
Black Dot/Mark Method used by the receipt printer to calibrate cutting of receipts.
BNA Bunched Note Acceptor. Depository that accepts many varied notes without an envelope.
CAFU A PCB in a PELE core which gives access to the parallel and serial ports 3 and 4.
Card Reader The module that reads the details from the customer’s card.
CASS Short for cassette.
Cassette Storage container for cash notes to be dispensed.
Cassette Locking Bars A security device designed to safeguard cash cassettes in an ATM.
Cencon A type of electronic safe lock, also known as Mass Hamilton.
CIT Cash in Transit.
CMOS Basic Input Output System. Instruction set programmed in chip on motherboard (with battery backup). Options such as system time and date can be changed here.
Collar Kit Set of plastics that surround a TTW (Through The Wall) ATM and seal it to the wall.
Configuration The arrangement of how items of ATM hardware or software is built.
CPM Cheque Processing Module. Depository that accepts and reads cheques.
CPK Card Protection Kit, an anti-skimming device.
CROPF Card Return on Power Fail. Battery/PCB which returns the card to the customer if the ATM loses power.
CRT Cathode Ray Tube. Now obsolete glass tube style monitor - superseded by LCD.
Decals Printed stickers that show the types of card accepted and which way to insert them.
DES Standard for encryption.
Dispenser Module that picks cash notes from the cassette and presents them to the customer.
Dial-Up Method of communication with host, using public telephones lines.
Depository Module that accepts cash and cheques in an envelope.
Depository Bin Storage container for customer deposits.
Dispenser Control Board Main controller for the operation of the cash dispenser module.
Dispenser Sensors Devices that monitor the passage of cash notes through the dispenser.
Easy Point Family of NCR ATMs - small freestanding convenience models.
Encryption Method of scrambling customers’ details to prevent fraud.
Enhanced Next generation of dispenser after I.E.
EJ Electronic Journal. Transactions are saved to the ATM’s hard drive.
EOP Enhanced Operator Panel. LCD display and keyboard used by the operator/engineer to input.
EPP Encrypting Pin Pad. Customer keyboard that also houses the encryptor.
F/A Front Access. Lobby ATM which is serviced from the front.
Fascia The plastic moulded front of the ATM that faces the customer.
FDK Function Display Key. The variable function keys down either side of the monitor.
FLM First Line Maintenance. Removing jams and fitting paper rolls - no tools used.
GOP Graphical Operator Panel. Touch screen for operator, used on SelfServ ATMs.
HELGA High End LCD Graphics Adaptor. Digital Driver PCB for some LCD monitors.
Hood Lid or top cabinet door which lifts/opens for access to EOP and printers etc.
I2C Interface to cassettes. Bus that connects the pick modules to the dispenser control board.
IAD Independent ATM Deployers.
I.E Improved Electronics. Term used for a particular generation of dispensers.
IMCRW Integrated Motorised Card Reader Writer. More modern version of SCRW.
Jitter AN anti-fraud measure programmed into the card reader.
Journal Printer Module that records all transactions for later reference by the ATM operator.
LCD Liquid Crystal Display.
LDR Light Dependant Resistor. Sensor that dims the monitor in low ambient light conditions.
Lease Line A permanent communication connection to the host.
LISA Serial Adaptor PCB in a Pivat to give access to the SSPAs serial ports 3 and 4.
Lobby Type of ATM that is freestanding indoors.
Logo Panel Fluorescent light cover bearing an operator’s name/logo.
LVDT Linear Variable Differential Transducer. Device that ensures that only one note is dispensed at a time.
M.E.I Media Entry Indicator. Flashing green light that prompts the user for card input, cash output etc.
Misc l/F Miscellaneous Interface PCB. Board which controls various functions including MEIs and Fluorescent tubes.
Modem Type of communications device which uses an ordinary telephone line to dial the host.
Mode Switch Switch for toggling between Supervisor mode and Normal mode.
MTBF Mean time between failures.
Non-surcharging ATMs ATMs that do not charge a fee for withdrawing cash.
Normal Mode in which the ATM is in service and available for customer use.
NTS Note Thickness Sensor. Later version of LVDT for ensuring a single note at a time is picked.
NVRAM Non Volatile Random Access Memory. Area of PC where configuration is held permanently by battery.
Opacity Older method of detecting double notes by shining a light through the note.
Outdoor Pods Weatherproof housings for remote ATMs.
Personas Generation of NCR ATMs (5870, 5884, 5885, 5886 etc.).
PCB Printed Circuit Board. Term for any electronic circuit board with components fitted.
PC Core Computer in the ATM that runs the software and controls the modules.
PELE2 Pentium Entry Level Electronics 2. ATM PC core motherboard - supported Pentium 3 up to 1 GHZ processor.
Pick Module Module that picks notes from the cassette and moves them to the presenter.
PI RAT Power good Reset and Tamper PCB in Taledega Cores.
PIVAT ATM PC core motherboard - superseded PELE 2.
PM Preventative Maintenance.
Pre I.E Before I.E. Early generation of currency dispenser.
Presenter Module (part of the dispenser) that presents cash to the customer.
PSU Power Supply Unit. Module that converts mains electricity into the DC voltages required by all the ATM modules.
Purge bin Container that stores rejected cash notes from the dispenser.
R/A Rear Access. Lobby ATM which is serviced from the back.
Raminator Anti-ramming device for ATMs. Works by absorbing and deflecting the force exerted during an ATM ram raid.
RAT Reset and Tamper PCB in Pivat cores.
Receipt printer Module that issues a transaction receipt to the customer.
Remote ATM ATM that is not sited in a bank. Locations would include petrol stations, convenience stores etc.
SCIF Smart Card Interface PCB. Interfaces the chipstation to the SCRW.
SCRW Smart Card Reader Writer. Module that reads and writes data to the customer card.
SDC Serial Data Communications. The main data communications connecting the modules in an ATM.
Secure Disposal Highly secure and tracked method of destroying hard drives and EPPs as offered by TestLink.
SelfServ Latest family of NCR ATMs (6622, 6625, 6634 etc.)
Shutter Door mechanism that prevents customers tampering with modules. This opens to let the customer have authorised access to modules (such as the card reader or cash presenter).
Singularity Measurement method of determining thickness of notes for double detection.
Skimming Fitting fraudulent devices to ATMs in order to clone customers’ cards.
SLM Second Line Maintenance. Full repair service for the ATM including parts replacement.
SOH State of Health. Display on the operator display which lists any faults or low media.
SSPA/B Self Service Personality Adapter/Board. Adds SDC capability to PC cores without it built in.
Statement Printer Printer that produces A4-sized statements to the customers.
Sunlight Viewable High brightness LCD monitor
Supervisor Mode Mode in which ATM is serviced - not in use for the customer
Surcharging ATMs ATMs that charge a fee for withdrawing cash
Talledega ATM PC core motherboard - superseded PIVAT board
TCPIP Communications Communications Protocol (Internet Communication)
Triple DES 64- bit encryption system
TTW Through The Wall. An ATM that is fitted through a hole in the wall
Vacuum Method used to pick notes from cassettes during dispensing
Vestibule A lobby ATM that is fitted through an internal wall with a collar kit sealing the hole
WEEE The Waste Electrical & Electronic Directive
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